Are you a therapist who has a stack of books on your nightstand you never seem to have time to read? You know you should, because you need to be able to recommend books that you trust to your clients; or, you need to know if a book is really worth your while.

Or maybe you are just a regular Joe who wishes you had a therapist to help you decide which of the 1000’s of self-help books out there is the one you should read! 

Never fear – I do all the reading for you and provide reviews that can help you decide what is worth your time to read.

And coming soon are summaries you can buy so you don’t even HAVE to do the reading! 


Hey there – my name is Lisa Gray and I’m a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Livermore, California.  I love the work I do, and I also love to read.  For years now, I’ve read over 100 books per year.  Somewhere along the line, talking with yet another therapist about a book they “should” read and hearing “yeah, well…talk to me after I’ve read the OTHER 25 books on my nightstand”, I thought “hey, maybe I could help out these folks who don’t have as much time to read!”

Also, I often talk to my clients and recommend books but they don’t have time to read either.

I live with my husband and two boys – and three dogs! 

You can view my professional website here and email me via lisagraymft@gmail.com.

BOOK REVIEW POLICY:  I may not be able to read every book I am asked to review, but I’ll sure try. I make no promises for a positive review; I call them as I see them. 


Review: Unwind: 7 Principles for a Stress Free Life by Dr. Michael Olpin & Sam Bracken

Lately it seems like all I’m doing is checking in with clients about what their stress management strategy is. There is still all of the mental health issues we used to have but these days the world is just … a lot. So I went looking for a stress management book to review and this …

Review: The Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

I must confess that I was drawn to this book by the title – I mean, isn’t this something almost everyone needs, the courage to be disliked? Just the title is somewhat misleading, though. This is really a primer on the psychology of Alfred Adler, written in a dialogue style between the two authors. The …