Hey there – my name is Lisa Gray and I’m a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Livermore, California.  I love the work I do, and I also love to read.  For years now, I’ve read over 100 books per year.  Somewhere along the line, talking with yet another therapist about a book they “should” read and hearing “yeah, well…talk to me after I’ve read the OTHER 25 books on my nightstand”, I thought “hey, maybe I could help out these folks who don’t have as much time to read!”

Also, I often talk to my clients and recommend books but they don’t have time to read either.

I live with my husband and two boys – and three dogs! 

You can view my professional website here and email me via lisagraymft@gmail.com.

BOOK REVIEW POLICY:  I may not be able to read every book I am asked to review, but I’ll sure try. I make no promises for a positive review; I call them as I see them. 

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